Team Building: Xcapate for companies

Cuando reúnes a un grupo de personas, les planteas un reto y juntos consiguen superarlo con éxito, les une y se crea un sentimiento de equipo.


  • Indoor
  • Duration of 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Groups of 2 to 7 people per room up to 21 players in total per session.
  • Posibilidad de jornadas completas
  • No special knowledge or fitness required.

Los eventos de Team Building ayudan a que los compañeros de trabajo se conozcan fuera del ámbito laboral, Performing a leisure activity that usually requires the cooperation of all and sharing positive experiences; as a result of interpersonal relationships and a significant increase in work performance are improved.

En XCAPATE te proponemos un juego de Team Building totalmente original e innovador en Alicante getting better teamwork, motivate and entertain.

They will face something totally out of the ordinary, where “survival” of each of the participants depend on the “survival” of the group (or win all or lose all). This is an escape game live, whose essence is summed up in: “You are locked in a room, you have an hour to complete a mission and you must solve a mystery to” save you “and escape the room”. They are 60 minutes full of emotions of all kinds: Tension, fun, adrenalin, laughs, competition. They are 60 minutes away where hierarchies and anyone can become a hero. The game is set in such a way that “you believe you” and the feeling of living a real experience occurs. Being locked in a room with a factor the time limit required tension is created to encourage players each contribute their bit for the good of the group, which solo trabajando en equipo y coordinando las tareas entre todos los participantes se consigue el éxito: Escape.

XCAPATE game is designed for groups of 2-7 people.

For companies with more employees seek to form several groups to play by turns. Solving the game if it is successful, but you can add an extra competitive event timing results to define a team that in addition to achieving the objective and escape the room it has done in the best time as the others . The best team will receive a detail EXCAPATE by us to be the absolute winners.

Possibility to book our room for the entire day exclusively for your company.

Si quieres recibir más información sobre nosotros o tienes alguna duda escríbenos sin compromiso a or if you prefer you can call us at 634 227 697. Tell us what you need, we will be happy to help.

To book a loose sign, go straight to Reservas; if you need to book more full-time sessions or contact us via e-mail or call us at 634 227 697.

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