Do you dare to take on the challenge?

Game Operation “Corleone”

The Mafia operates across your city with total impunity and nobody dares to stop them. You and your team belong to a secret elite police group and have received a clue: the fundamental evidence that will allow you to solve the murder of the anticorruption Judge who was in charge of dismantling the most dangerous mafia group in Alicante is hidden in a mafia safe-house.

Will you have the courage to face the Mafia?

Game “The Haunted House”

Sally mysteriously disappeared like many other girls from the area and was never heard of again. It is rumoured that she was seen entering the abandoned house, but no-one saw her leave. Legend has it that sometimes screams are heard and lights are seen in that cursed house and they say that anyone who stays inside it for over an hour will be trapped forever.

Are you brave enough to discover the mystery and find out what happened to Sally?

Apocalypse game

Mankind is in danger. For 15 years the world has been at war with the machines which control energy sources worldwide. There are hardly any resources left for the fight. You are a resistance group and the survival of our species is in your hands. It won’t be an easy task, the trackers will soon locate you. Giving up is not an option.

Will you let the machines wipe out mankind?

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