apocalypse, Do you dare to challenge?

Xcapate is the first escape room in your city and the best entertainment alternative in Alicante.

Xcapate is a Real Life Escape Room Game that will not leave you indifferent, it is a perfect entertainment alternative in Benidorm. To book the session choose the day and time that you prefer, fill in the form, and you will receive the automatic email with the details of your reservation. Then you will receive a confirmation email. The payment should be done in cash before the session. If you have not received or do not see the automatic notification email, please, check the junk folder.


  • Player X = total price per group
  • 25€ x 2 players = 5o euros
  • 18€ x 3 players = 54 euros
  • 15€ x 4 players= 60 euros (optimal group)
  • € 13 x 5 players = € 65
  • 12 € x 6 players = 72 euros
  • 12 € x 7 players = 84 euros

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