Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will answer all your questions to ensure everything is made clear.


How many people can play?

It’s a team game designed for a group of 2-7 persons; to solve successfully marking time using “collective mind”, note that for a group of 2 people likely to be more difficult to get the challenge for one of 7 people (although we have seen it all) is required

Who I can play with?

Just assemble a group of maximum 7 people: friends, family, co-workers, your rock, football team, the group potato / moms school, group people WhatsApp paddle … you have endless posibilidadesJ, and if you fail to gather a group contact us by email or by phone 634 227 697 and we can help you form a team.

Are we 8 instead of 7, just one more, you can make an exception?

Unfortunately not. The facilities and the structure of the game makes the game “uncomfortable” for groups of more than 7 people, the necessary dynamics is lost and in the end not enjoyed equally. If you are more than 7, we recommend you to form two groups, you pasareis much better.

And if we are just 2, do we have a chance of winning?

Of course! Moreover, sometimes couples get better results because they coordinate among themselves better than larger groups, so come along and be thrilled!

Even so, if at the end you prefer to play with more people and for whatever reason you have been unable to form your group you can contact us by email at or by phone 634 227 697 and we can help you to form a team.

Can children participate?

In principle it is a game designed for adults of any age, but we have had families with children aged 9,10,11… and they had a great time. You know your children – their concerns, their abilities, their behaviour… it is really at the discretion of parents to decide whether or not to bring their children.

You must keep in mind that a group of teenagers (14 ) should be accompanied by at least one adult (18 ) as a group leader, who can either participate in the game or otherwise is welcome to wait inside our facilities until the game is over.

Are there any limitations associated with age, sex, physical condition, etc.?

None. Any person aged 18 years and over (and children and adolescents when accompanied by an adult) can participate, you do not need any special physical preparation (you just have to use your mind). Pregnant women, the elderly and disabled people can also participate.

However, if any of you have some physical limitation (needs a wheelchair, is hearing impaired, etc.) please contact us by email at or by phone on 634 227 697 to explain your particular case.

Maths is not my thing … can I play?

You do not need any special knowledge to participate in our game, to have fun or to successfully solve it… you don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner, speak 5 languages or perfectly master mental calculation… just watch, pay attention to things, relate, interact with your teammates and most importantly…believe in your abilities.

Will we stay trapped forever if we cannot get out?

No, because another group is sure to play next and we will have to rescue you.

Can I leave the game at any time?

If for some reason one of the players needs to leave the room before the end of the game, he/she will have to follow the instructions given by the Game Administrator.

Will I feel afraid?

You will have an unforgettable experience and feel many emotions, but none of these will be fear. Of course, laughter and the adrenaline are guaranteed.

And for your peace of mind, our Game Administrator will be with you at any time to intervene if necessary.

Can I participate if I have claustrophobia or cardiovascular problems?

Yes. The game does not contain any elements that may cause or aggravate cardiovascular problems or claustrophobia. Furthermore the Game Administrator, who controls the game’s development, observes the room and status of each of the participants at all times and is able to intervene if necessary.

Can I do myself harm? Could it be dangerous?

The only thing that you can damage is your personal pride if you do not solve the game, but… I trust in you. The game is completely safe, there is no danger of any kind, no jumping, climbing, running, lifting weights… just observe, deduce and think.

Can I play if I do not speak Spanish?

Perfectly! The game is designed so that you don’t need to speak Spanish or any other foreign language.

Why is so important to be punctual?

We need you to be very aware of how important is to arrive perfectly on time, or even five minutes earlier if possible. The game has a fixed timeframe and at the end of a session there needs to be enough lead-time to prepare the room for the next group. We respect our customers and do not want anyone to wait except in cases of force majeure.

If we have to delay the start of the game for more than 10 minutes because of the participants, we would have to cancel the session entirely in order not to prejudice the next group. The cost of the booking will not be returned in this case. We hope that you understand our reasons.


How much does the game cost?

The game costs depending on the number of players. In the booking calendar you can see

How long in advance do I need to book?

On our calendar you can check reservation “slots” available and choose the day and time that suit your schedule. If you are sure of your availability we recommend you do not leave things to the last minute, the sooner you make your reservation the better…we imagine that is not easy to find a slot suitable for every member of your group and it could be very annoying to have to change plans should someone else book the same session you wanted for your group in advance.

If availability allows you can book from one day to another or even the same day, but as a rule we recommend booking at least one week in advance, so that way you avoid any surprises and have time to make the payment and receive confirmation from us.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Due to the nature of our activity we not accept returns under any circumstances. You can change the game day or time whenever you notify us at the least 72 hours in advance. Only one change is permitted.

How are bookings and payments made?

By sending us a reservation request via our website you will immediately receive an email with further instructions and all the necessary information to make a payment, which can be done by bank transfer or through a cash deposit into our account. Once we have received the payment we will send you a second email with confirmation of the booking.

If you make a booking from one day to another or for the same day you can pay in cash at our office directly. Note that we do not accept card payments.

How can I obtain a gift voucher?

Very easily. Just click here and you will receive an email with all the payment instructions and information about how to obtain your gift voucher. When the recipient wants to use your gift they will just need to enter our website and choose from among the sessions that are available at that time.

Can I make a reservation in my name but allow another person to play instead of me?

If you make the reservation in your name and for whatever reason you cannot come, you can invite another person to be your substitute or the remainder of the group can play with one less teammate. Just let us know by email or telephone us with the name of new “group leader” to change the reservation and name on our registration book.

I need an invoice, how can I get one?

Contact us via e-mail at indicating the reserved session and the necessary tax data (name, NIF/CIF, address) for us to issue the invoice. We will send it to your email as soon as possible.


Contact us by email at or by phone ON 634 227 697 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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