A team of 2 to 7 people, a mysterious room with tracks, 60 minutes to leave…

Operation Game Corleone – classic escape room, investigation and tension

Will you have the courage to face the Mafia?

Game “The Haunted House” – scary escape room, only for the brave

Are you brave enough to discover the mystery and find out what happened to Sally?

Apocalypse game – innovative escape room, a real challenge

Will you let the machines wipe out mankind?

Xcapate is the first escape room in Alicante and the best leisure alternative.

It is an adventure where you become the hero, as if it were a movie, your favorite book or a computer game. Imagine… You and your team find yourself in a real room full of mysteries: you have only one hour to complete your mission and find your way out of it. You have to be very attentive … any object can be the clue you need to achieve the goal. I’m not telling you anything else… Do you join the game?

If you thought you had already tried everything, possibly here you will find a totally different way to have fun, out of the ordinary. What is there to do in Alicante? Try Xcapate.

Do you dare to take on the challenge?

  • Fun for all ages. Both the young and the old can enjoy the experience alike.
  • No limits. You don´t need special skills or any training.
  • It has nothing to do with fear or danger. Xcapate is an experience involving finding clues and solving puzzles and riddles in a fun and safe environment. Our staff will be watching the progress of the games at all times through video cameras, ready to attend to any participant’s needs.
  • It is difficult, but not impossible. 55% of the players succeed in overcoming the challenge… Will you be one of them?

What’s it?

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