Xcapate escape room Alicante

Spain the best games of 2016

For lovers of escape games we propose the list of the best games of Spain 2016, TripAdvisor-Niumba published. He has excited a lot discover that… Xcapate appears in it! A little over a year ago when we opened our first room “Operacion Corleone” in Alicante few knew of escapism, today for many of you has become a real hobby; we love to receive groups “newbies”Participate for the first time in an escape game is like the first kiss, are never forgotten, those who had made you know what I mean… but also increasingly they come more experienced and demanding sense of the word players who test us us. Escape is your challenge, ours is to surprise you with riddles, staging and make you enjoy the room at all times, so we gave everything to keep up with our second room “the Enchanted house”. English to Welsh dictionary Being on the list of the best venues of the year is a success we celebrate with great satisfaction and also with humility, because we are clear: without you, Xcapistas would have been impossible. We were thrilled with you, laugh with you, we get angry with you not to mention see you mourn, dance, sing, jump, shout, give kisses, hugs, drag you down on the floor and other strange things that happen to you… your enjoyment is our real success and we thank you greatly.

Top games escape Spain 2016

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