Game "The Haunted House"

It all started a long time ago, longer than anyone can remember, when a family of strangers appeared dead under strange circumstances in their newly-built home. All of them… except the youngest daughter, who was never found.

Those terrible murders remained unresolved and the cursed house stayed empty for several decades as no-one wanted to occupy it.

Since then many girls from this area have mysteriously disappeared without a trace. One was called Sally, the shepherd’s daughter. It is rumoured that she was seen entering the abandoned house, but was never heard or seen of again. They desperately looked for the little girl, but found only silence and neglect.

Legend has it that sometimes screams are heard and that lights are seen flickering in the house and so everyone started calling it THE HAUNTED HOUSE, and they say that anyone who stays inside it for over an hour will be trapped forever.

Are you brave enough to discover the mystery and find out what happened to Sally?

XCAPATE is the first real-life escape game in Alicante, a unique entertainment experience and a perfect way to have fun with your friends. If you want to know what to do in Alicante, dare to meet the challenge.

The rules:

  • Please be punctual, the game starts at the reserved time exactly.
  • Entering with mobile phones or cameras is not permitted. We will keep hold of these items for you.
  • Physical force will not be required throughout the game, only the strength of your mind.
  • Whatever the final outcome, your only obligation is to have fun and enjoy the game.

Mission info

  • Difficulty: average-hard
  • Players: 2-6 people
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Age: from 12 years old

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